In most chronobiology laboratories, computer programs are developed for specific data visualization and analysis requirements. Frequently these programs are developed by different people and also in different moments of the history of the lab, resulting in a lot of programs and routines lacking a consistent design and without the possibility of sharing data and results among them. Our aim was to develop a single computer program integrating all chronobiological procedures for data analysis, using a visual and intuitive environment.

Most work of the program is done on a "virtual work page", where one can drop the different elements of analysis (actograms, periodograms, etc). In another window, data series to be analyzed are defined and loaded from ASCII data files. Analyzing a data-series is as easy as picking it from its window, and dropping it into an element of the work page. The properties of elements are editable, allowing a complete control over the conditions of analysis, and interaction among the different elements is also possible. "El Temps" incorporates an interactive tool to perform calculations directly over actograms (period, time intervals, CT estimation, etc), periodograms (period of secondary peaks), mean wave forms (absolute and relative area under curve, time intervals, etc.). Numeric results can be combined with graphics on the work page or printed in a separate report. Another possibility consists in launching large series of calculations in batch mode including the printed outputs.