We recommend you updating your current release of El Temps regularly. We are introducing changes very often.

To update El Temps you must follow these steps:

  • Select the files you need from the list shown below, and copy (download) them to any directory (temporary).
  • Unzip the files into the directory c:\Temps to replace the old files.

Available compressed files:

The complete package ( updated 12 February 2019 ).

To install El Temps you must follow these steps:

  • Copy (download) the file el_temps.zip in any directory (temporary).
  • Create a directory called "Temps" (c:\Temps).
  • Unzip El_Temps.zip into the directory c:\Temps (created in the previous step).
  • Run the program El_Temps.exe double-clicking in the icon.
  • To register the program follow the instructions you will find in the menu Help-Register.

Content of the package:

  • El_Temps.exe   winspool.dll   Temps.cfg
  • Notes_*.png   help_notes.doc   El_Temps_ccas.pdf
  • Example_*.etf    \data   \tutorials

Note: the help file is not finished yet. We work hard to complete it as soon as possible .


The following files (except the "old ScreenCam demos") are included in the "complete package")

Characteristics : This pdf file contains an extended list of the program's features (in Spanish). Requires Acrobat reader.

Tutorials : they are demos containing screen recordings about specific topics. AFlash player is required (normally it is already linked to the web browser) and allows the control of visualization in a video like way.

  • t01e : this tutorial shows details about the usage of the tool to define certain numeric values into the elements (in Spanish).

Help notes : This doc file contains the 7 "help notes",which are condensed summaries containing basic concepts and shortcuts for"El Temps" usage. Look at them carefully to know how the program works

Examples : Download the file temps_xmp.zip and expand it in the same directory you have installed El Temps. This file contains several etf files with predefined worksheets and the data files they require to run (in the directory Data).

Old ScreenCam demos : this compressed zip file contains a set of 8 old demos (in Spanish) to be viewed with Lotus ScreenCam. The ScreenCam player is included in the zip file.

Note for Windows.

In certain cases you may get the error message Failed to set data for , this means that you have to run the program as administrator . To do this, right-click on the icon and select "Run as administrator ". Alternatively you can do the same doing Click +shift + ctrl.

If you want , you can modify the properties of the program to always run as administrator , by either using the exe directly, or by creating a shortcut to it. Here , these two possibilities are shown :

Right-click on the exe file:
Properties > Compatibility> check "Run this program as an Administrator " and accept all.

Right-click on the Shortcut :
Properties > Advanced> Shortcut > in "Advanced properties ", check "Run as administrator " and accept all.

Note for old versions (<221)

Since version 208 (April 10, 05) an error affected the calculation of the threshold of significance in the Periodogram of Sokolove-Bushell . The threshold was too low with respect to the real one . This error has been fixed in version 221 (July 4, 06).

If program needs the file winspool.dll, remember that it comes within the complete package