We recommend you updating your current release of El Temps regularly. We are introducing changes very often.

To update El Temps you must follow these steps:

  1. Select the file you need from the links shown below. Normally it will be El_Temps.exe, for updating.
  2. Do the following depending on the file you selected:
    • EXE file: Copy (download) directly to the existing c:\Temps directory overwriting the old file.
    • ZIP file: download the file to a temporary directory and unzip it into the directory c:\Temps to add and/or replace the old files.

Available files

  • The program exe file (v.313): El_Temps.exe (updated 30 January 2020).
  • Supplementary files, i.e. the complete package except the exe file (the program) to be updated separately. All files in a compressed file El_Temps.zip (updated 14 January 2020).
    Content of the zip file:
    • Notes_*.png    (7 png files)
    • Example_*.etf    (17 etf files)     
    • \Tutorials-Flash: "ElTemps Demo 0", "dp_color", "t01e" (All are swf)
    • \Documents: "ElTemps Notes", "ElTemps Demos", "T&Data", "Uso de El Temps", "Us d El Temps", "ElTemps Historic" (All are pdf)
    • \Data: CABF1.DPB, COSINOR.TXT, COSINOR_.TXT, dd5tdd.dep, DDT5DD.DEP, METODE.DEP, SIMULA2.TXT, T"!DD.DEP, T23DD.DEP, T24.ADN (All are ASCII files) 
    • winspool.dll    Temps.cfg    *.ico 
  • Docs.zip. Documents (see "Complements" below).
  • temps_xmp.zip. Examples of worksheets (see "Complements" below).
  • Tutorials.zip. Demos (swf), showing the usage of program. (see "Complements" below).

To install El Temps (first time)

        You must follow these steps:

  • Copy (download) the file El_Temps.zip in any directory (temporary).
  • Create a directory called "Temps" (c:\Temps).
  • Unzip El_Temps.zip into the directory c:\Temps (created in the previous step).
  • Copy (download) the file El_Temps.exe directly into the directory c:\Temps.
  • The first time you run El Temps, do it with administrator privileges (right-click the icon and select "run as administrator"). In the subsequent uses of the program, you can start it normally, just double-clicking the icon.
  • To register the program follow the instructions you will find through the menu Help > Register.


The following files are included in the El_Temps.zip file, but you can download them separately.

Documents : they are 7 pdf documents compressed in a zip file. The documents are the following:

  • ElTemps Notes : contains the 7 "help notes" of the program, which are condensed summaries containing basic concepts and shortcuts for "El Temps" usage. Look at them carefully to know how the program works.
  • ElTemps Demos : it is a graphic summary of the examples included in the file (see the next complement "Examples").
  • T&Data : a visual summary of all terms used to define the series and data-series.
  • Uso de El Temps : An extremely concise summary, with all the features of the program and how to use them (in Spanish). English version to be added very soon.
  • Us d El Temps : An extremely concise summary, with all the features of the program and how to use them (in Catalan). English version to be added very soon.
  • ElTemps Historic : An internal working document (in Catalan), which contains the history of the changes of the successive versions of the program.

Examples : Download the file temps_xmp.zip and expand it in the same directory you have installed El Temps. This file contains several etf files with predefined worksheets. These worksheets are using the data files contained in the directory Data (included in the zip file). You can look at these worksheets to learn about the properties of the different elements.

Tutorials : they are 3 swf demos in a zip file containing screen recordings about specific topics. A Flash player is required (normally it is already linked to the web browser) to see the demos, and to control the visualization.

  • ElTemps Demo 0 : Creation and edition of a worksheet, containing different types of elements. Good for general introduction purpose.
  • dp_color : a nice example of creating a double-plott with axes, labels and color scales (labels in English).
  • t01e : shows details about the usage of the tool to define certain numeric values into the elements (labels in Spanish).