You are allowed to use and distribute El Temps freely for 60 days. To use the program beyond this time you must purchase a licese numbers (Registration).

To register, send an e-mail to the author (, including the following information

- Name and surname
- e-mail, fax or telephone number.
- Address and affiliation (institute, university, company, etc)
- The identification number (IDN) of your copy of El Temps, that you will find through the menu, selecting Help-Register. Remember that each installation, has a different IDN.
- Identification of the bank transfer (*), according to the following table:

  1 license 2 licenses 3 licenses each further
El Temps 1200 EUR 1800 EUR 2280 EUR 360 EUR
El Temps Plus 1500 EUR 2250 EUR 2850 EUR 450 EUR
Orders from CE will be charged with a 25% for VAT and local taxes.
Prizes for more than 1 license will not apply if ordered separatelly.

After payment, in the next few days you will receive your license number (LN). Write down the LN in the reserved field in the Register page. And that's all.

Remember to check regularly the web page, to download the last updated version.

(*) Data for bank transfer and VAT number are available in the program (Help-Register)